The JP Stream Cinematic LUT Pack – Total 25

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Here is my top favorite 15 video editing lut that I use all the time for my videos and for my client projects.

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What is a LUT?
Simply put, think of it as a filter for your video footage. You can achive a certain look very easily using LUT which doesn’t requair a lot of knowledge on Color. You apply a LUT to one of your clips and the data inside that LUT immediately color corrects your footage to look a certain way.
Sometimes you need to adjust your video color setting to get the desired look you want. Don’t expect LUT will do everything for you. To know the basic of color grading visit this link:

Included LUTS:

Black-and-white, Cine-contrast, cinematic-tone, City, Classic-Bw, Color Boost,Cyberpunk-look, Faded-dream, falling-leafs, Green-teal, Heavy Skin, JP Studio, jp-cinetone, Kodombi, Lost-in-mind, Magenta Teal, Metro 1, music-mania, orange-teal, Pink-pop, Punchy-color, Punchy-contrast-and-color, Snow-fall, Sunset, urban.


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